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12V & 24V - Folded Heated Towel Ladders 
Hybrid, Milli Edge, Fold

Dear customer, at Avenir, we take our warranty responsibilities very seriously. We work hard to constantly improve our product design - especially with regard to how they are installed. However, it's important to understand that this is an installed product and the vast majority of calls we answer are related to installation issues and lack of understanding of the installation process specific to Avenir products - which is often, very different to other products. Therefore our willingness to solve any issues needs to have limits as our warranty only applies to issues with the product itself - and not how it's installed.
Warranty on transformer and labour is 12 months. (you can read more on T&C's here.)

If your towel rail has stopped heating the issue is most likely due to one of the following
(ordered from most likely to least)
1. Transformer Failure
2. Faulty Timer
3. Bad connection
4. Faulty element - Each horizontal bar has its own element.
If your ladder has a few hot and a few cold rails. Please fill in the Service Request Form  and we'll get in touch with you.  

If the entire ladder is cold, it's likely due to a transformer failure as failure of all rails at once is very unlikely. It's recommended to have a replacement transformer on hand for the installer upon inspection. These are often located in the ceiling accessible through a downlight hole, closest to the heated towel ladder.

To determine which transformer you require, you'll need to identify your model. 
There is a sticker located on the back of the ladder in the center of one of the center rails. (You should be able to feel it when running your fingers across the back.) Steady your phone on the wall on selfie mode to take a photo or use a mirror. This will give you the. model, voltage and wattage of your towel ladder.
(Recommended method, especially for ladders purchased in 2018)
Alternatively you can work out which transformer is required using the table below.  

For Newer Ladders (After 2018)
24V Hybrid, Milli Edge, Fold Ladders

For Older Ladders (Before 2018)
12V Hybrid, Milli Edge, Fold Ladders
These are weatherproof and very robust power supplies and to date we haven't had any failures.
It's always a good idea to have it installed in a serviceable, ventilated location - however they're often installed in the ceiling accessible through a downlight hole.
(Check the product dimensions to ensure they will fit)

Please select the correct transformer link from the list of links provided above for your towel ladder and use the service discount code at checkout for a 25% discount on your replacement transformer and free shipping.

Have your electrician call if he needs any help on site to ensure no additional callouts are required. 
Chris - 0414 582 676

We hope you've found this helpful.
For any additional information, please email service@avenir.com.au and we'll get back to you soonest.

Kind regards
Team Avenir
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