Warranty Policy


Avenir manufactures and imports high quality products that we are very confident will last for many years, well exceeding our warranty. Avenir provides for a 10 year warranty in addition to your Consumer Guarantees under the ACCC, with some exclusions as follows:.

  • Installation Labour: Labour required to remove and re-install any product, are covered for the first 12 months only.
  • Serviceable Parts: Serviceable parts like pump dispensing mechanisms, electrical timers and transformers, are covered for the first 12 months only.
  • Special Finishes: All finishes, including painted, electroplated or PVD are covered for 2 years. This excludes "Living Finishes" like raw brass or copper, which, by their nature will change over time, cannot be warranted.
  • Installation Issues: Our warranty explicitly excludes installation issues - if you need assistance installing any Avenir product, we would be happy to provide assistance over the phone, however we are not able to assist onsite.
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